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ve8QAd   |   April 09, 2020

A question on the minds of many caring Americans is, “What can I do to help others during the COVID-19 crisis?”

We have an answer. There is a safe, simple and easy way you can help provide critical resources to young mothers, desperate for help, but who are often the overlooked and forgotten victims of this pandemic.

Young women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy frequently have a tough time making ends meet. Poor economic conditions are often the culprit behind choosing abortion.

Life Issues Institute is teaming up with Heartbeat International and Option Line to help get women and their babies the resources they so desperately need.

The project is called Special Delivery.

Heartbeat International is an umbrella group that provides training and other assistance to thousands of Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) throughout the nation. Option Line is the 24/7 phone service Heartbeat provides to women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy, as well as off-hour phone answering and referral services to PRCs.

Right now, many of the government agencies that pregnant women heavily rely upon are closed–at a critical time they need them most.  As a result, they are calling their local PRC for much-needed help.

Option Line has reported an over 40% higher call volume in recent weeks which reflects the increased dependency upon these life-affirming centers.

Here’s what you can do to help.

Go to Option Line where you can enter your zip code to locate a center near you.

Then call it and ask if they have an Amazon or other online wish list.

This would be a list of items they need to help women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy.

From the safety and comfort of your home you can provide a Special Delivery for Centers who are facing an increased demand on their resources.

Simply choose and purchase the items you’d like to provide, and they will be delivered directly to the Center you have selected.

If your nearby Center doesn’t have an online wish list, ask them how you can help in other ways during this challenging time. Regardless of how far-reaching the pandemic impacts society, women and men still face unexpected pregnancies and need help to say yes to life and no to abortion.

You can magnify the impact of Special Delivery by sharing this with your email lists and posting on social media. Use #SpecialDelivery.

Get your church involved. This is a perfect time to mobilize pro-life individuals who have a heart for those who are struggling, many who have tired of self-isolation and would welcome the opportunity to assist others.

This is your unique chance to help women and men and their babies who are at risk for abortion, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

For babies and their parents,

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