HUGE Victory Fighting Coronavirus

Last week Congress passed the CARES Act in response to the Coronavirus.  Among other things, it’ll provide relief funds to Community Health Centers and “forgivable” small business loans for those hit hardest by this pandemic.  By utilizing the Hyde Amendment, no funds will be used to promote or provide abortion.  Due to the leadership of Senator Rubio, and support from Susan B Anthony List and Charlotte Lozier Institute, a provision was added to require the Small Business Administration to limit loans to entities with less than 500 employees which should exclude Planned Parenthood.  This legislation was a huge victory toward stopping advocates from expanding abortion.  We pray God will continue to bless these pro-life efforts.

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One thought on “HUGE Victory Fighting Coronavirus

  1. The Cares Act specified that money can go to companies with 500 employees or less PER LOCATION (thanks to Senator Susan Collins of Maine). That ensured that the largest corporations and chains could get their hands on public funds. So your declaration of victory seems premature. Your facts are incorrect. It was a HUGE victory for the 1% – not so much for advocates.

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