Weaponizing a Chemical Coat Hanger

ve8QAd   |   March 27, 2020

How would you feel about those that lobby to help sexual assailants and predators, pimps, human traffickers and even killers?

And what if some were aided by your tax dollars?

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the abortion industry and its supporters are demanding wider and easier access to a primary tool used by unscrupulous trafficking pimps and other lowlife. If successful, it would guarantee an even greater expansion of the number of their victims.

It was only a matter of time before the chemical abortion pill would be weaponized as a tool against women and their wanted babies. Now abortion advocates want unfettered access.

Planned Parenthood – a recipient of about $1.7 million tax dollars every day – is part of an abortion industry clamoring for this extreme campaign that would benefit more people like these:

Dr. Sikander Imran, 32, of Arlington, Virginia was sentenced to three years in prison before facing deportation to Pakistan. His medical license was also revoked. Imran slipped an abortion pill into his girlfriend’s tea, but she noticed the power-like substance at the bottom of her cup. Hours later Brooke Fisk miscarried their child.

John Andrew Welden’s girlfriend refused to have an abortion, so he tricked her into ingesting a chemical abortion pill to kill their unborn baby. Welden switched the label, making Remee Jo Lee think it was an antibiotic. Soon thereafter she experienced a miscarriage. He was sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison.

Ursula Wing of New York City pled guilty to illegally selling the chemical abortion drug.  She did so under the guise of a mail order jewelry website.  When police raided her apartment, they found over 900 doses of the illicit lethal medication.

One of her customers was Jeffrey Smith of Wisconsin Rapids who put the drug in his girlfriend’s water, but she caught on and contacted the police. His trial for first degree attempted homicide is later this year.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had to issue warnings to multiple international websites illegally selling and mailing chemical abortion pills to American citizens. These illegal sources bypass the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) put in place due to the potential serious complications that can result from chemical abortions. A study from Finland showed women who used chemical abortion were four times more likely to experience complications than those having a surgical abortion. The FDA has good reason to be concerned about the drug.

A recent study found that abortion drugs purchased online and manufactured overseas were “damaged”, had “pinprick-sized holes”, were not the correct dose, were not tested for contaminants, and were sold by vendors under active investigation for fraud.

Even women who by choice opted for a chemical abortion deeply regreted their decisions and shared their painful experiences.

Sex trafficking has a long and profitable business relationship with the abortion industry. Abortion is the grease that keeps the gears in motion to enslave and abuse countless young women. The lucrative sex trafficking enterprise would be a shadow of its current self if abortions were not part of the business model.

Research based on interviews with over 100 women who were sex trafficking victims and survivors revealed over half (55%) of respondents said they experienced at least one abortion; 30% reported multiple abortions. A significant number felt they were pressured to abort.

Imagine how many more women would be victimized if the chemical abortion pill was freely accessed by mail or in pharmacies.

Abortion advocates are conducting a full-court press to eliminate any legal barriers to accessing the chemical abortion pill. This would more easily place this lethal medication into the hands of would-be felons. The evidence shows chemical abortion is being weaponized to facilitate physical assaults against women and their babies – a drug with dangerous and sometimes life-threatening side effects.

The reality is abortion activists are advocating for a chemical coat hanger.


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