Faces of Choice


Faces of Choice

Bradley Mattes   |   February 11, 2020

Melissa Ohden is featured in a TV ad rejected by the Fox channel airing the Super Bowl in Miami this year.  Since you weren’t allowed to see it, I’ll describe it.  Melissa and others around the world have survived documented abortion attempts while still in the womb.  In this dramatic ad you hear about their harrowing personal accounts and the prices they paid.  The unforgettable ad is called Faces of Choice.  A growing number of people are coming forward to show abortions are done after a baby can live outside the womb.  Sadly, those who promote abortion won’t even acknowledge these people exist, much less reveal their stories, so let’s share this as widely as possible.  Find the link at lifeissues.org, then click on the microphone icon.

Click here for faces of choice link

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One thought on “Faces of Choice

  1. Have one of these survivors run for Congress, if possible against an anti-life incumbent and run this as a campaign ad. STATIONS WILL HAVE TO RUN THE AD.

    I believe one these survivors “termination” was not her mother’s choice but her grandmother’s choice: ” My abortion was not my choice.”!

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