Research Shows Babies Feel Pain


Research Shows Babies Feel Pain

Bradley Mattes   |   January 22, 2020

During a time we’re advocating legislation to end late-term abortion because the baby experiences excruciating pain, a convincing new study supports our cause.  New research, published in the influential Journal of Medical Ethics, says an unborn baby can feel pain as early as thirteen weeks.  The lead author is British professor and pain expert Stuart Derbyshire.  He’s pro-abortion, has been a consultant for Planned Parenthood and previously said unborn babies don’t feel pain until twenty-four weeks. That is until this new research convinced him otherwise.  These researchers say women having abortions should be offered pain meds for their babies.  Not to do so, in their words, “flirts with moral recklessness.”  Modern science and medicine is helping make abortion unthinkable, and abortion advocates promoting flat-earth science.

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