Euthanasia on the Heels of Abortion

Editor   |   May 08, 2024

For decades Life Issues Institute has said that as sure as night follows day, euthanasia will follow abortion. Once you lower the value of human life with abortion, a culture of death will grow within other contexts. 

Our predictions have proven true.

It is helpful to first understand the demand for euthanasia. Many Americans mistakenly believe that pain is the number one reason people want to end their lives. However, the top three consistent reasons are a wish not to be a burden on others, a loss of bodily autonomy and a lack of the ability to do activities that bring joy. The good news is these are things that a kind heart and willing spirit can help alleviate with most patients.

Still, the voices of those advocating a culture of death often drown out those who offer true compassion. The acceptance of abortion into society amplifies the message of euthanasia advocacy.

Canada looms large in this regard. Its Supreme Court struck down an abortion law in 1988 and the country has had no law on the books since then. It legalized euthanasia in 2016 for terminally ill patients. In eight short years the so-called safeguards fell like the symbolic maple leaves during autumn. The law now allows euthanasia for patients with disabilities, poverty, dementia, autism, or depression. They will soon allow euthanasia for children and now voices encourage people to end their lives for the social good.

France became the first nation in history to enshrine abortion into its national constitution. Within the same month President Emmanuel Macron announced his support for euthanasia. But since he abhors that word, they will refer to it as “aid in dying” as if that will change the reality of what they are inflicting on French society.

President Macron said qualifying patients could receive the lethal medications “under certain strict conditions.” This statement would be laughable were the results not so tragic. Similar promises have been made wherever euthanasia was legalized and without fail, the safeguards were systematically dropped or ignored.

Ireland’s constitution is overtly Christian. It’s preamble states “In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred.” Today they might add the words, “But step aside, Lord, as we severely veer off the path You have set for us.”

Along with the nation of Malta, Ireland was considered one of the most pro-life countries in the world. They legalized abortion in 2018 and now, just six years later an all-party parliamentary committee has put forth the recommendation to legalize assisted suicide, of course with the standard safeguards. 

Similar leaps from killing the unborn to exterminating the old and infirm are taking place here in America.

In Oregon the number of people choosing euthanasia in the form of assisted suicide has skyrocketed. Recent data reveals that in 2023 a record 367 people ended their lives this way, a stunning 32% increase from the previous year.

California first legalized assisted suicide in 2016, expanded it in 2021 and is barreling down the path to full-fledged euthanasia at breakneck speed. The far Left state appears to be in a race to catch up with the body count of Canada. Senate Bill 1196 eliminates the terminal requirement and permits the administration of euthanasia with or without witnesses. Changes also allow people with dementia to qualify and they sanction same day death by eliminating the 48 hour waiting period. Critics are calling this the “most extreme” expansion of such a law in America and for this reason the bill was pulled.

California, along with Oregon and Vermont would have  constituted a trifecta of states that has waved the residency requirement for euthanasia and displayed the welcome mat for suicide tourism.

Abortion has indeed opened a Pandora’s Box that is ushering in expansive euthanasia laws around the world and at home.

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One thought on “Euthanasia on the Heels of Abortion

  1. So, it is illegal to commit suicide when no one knows, but it is okay if it is sanctioned by a doctor or person of authority? That is very, very sad!

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