Women Will Still Have Them


Women Will Still Have Them

Bradley Mattes   |   December 11, 2019

My wife and I recently hosted a group of friends from church at our home to watch the movie Unplanned.  It’s the real-life story of Abby Johnson’s journey from a Planned Parenthood director to pro-life advocate.  As expected, there was considerable discussion afterward.  One person said, “If we outlaw abortion, some women will continue to have them anyway.”  This is true and can be said about most every law on the books today.  Some people kill, rape and steal, even though there are laws to prevent it.  That doesn’t mean we should do away with them because society benefits.   The same is true for laws ending abortion.  Some women will manage to still have abortions, but we’ll be able to save millions of babies while protecting their mothers.

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