US Supreme Court Encouraging

The US Supreme Court handed unborn babies and their mothers a victory.  It refused to hear a case in Kentucky that required informed consent to protect women going in for abortions.  It requires abortionists to display and describe an ultrasound to the woman before conducting an abortion.  By declining to hear the case, the Court let stand an appellate ruling holding the law constitutional.  Ultrasound is literally a window to the womb.  When pregnant women use it to peek in at their children, a vast majority of them choose life.  The question now looming is, will the Supreme Court rule in favor of a similar type law in Louisiana that requires protections for women and their babies?  Their recent action was encouraging both for Kentucky and future legislation.

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One thought on “US Supreme Court Encouraging

  1. great. There are two judge candidates in Ohio to be elected to the state Supreme Court, Sharon Kennedy and Judith French
    I suggest that they be mentioned, by name, several times . in a positive light, between now and election day.

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