Grieving Celebrity Regrets Abortion


Grieving Celebrity Regrets Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   June 12, 2019

A well-known Italian actor and playboy has come full circle with his past.  Andrea Roncato, now eighty, had a wild lifestyle and when young, a pregnancy occurred.  Sadly, he and his partner chose abortion.  During an interview, he stated his profound regret and described himself as “very strongly against abortion.”  In his book he wrote a poem to his unborn son.  Andrea says he constantly asks God to forgive him.  “Children are the only true wealth a man can give the world,” he lamented, which in his opinion far outweighs his movies money and all the rest.  The poem to his son ends like this.  “I wish I had wanted you, that time when I didn’t want you.”  Let’s pray for all grieving fathers – young and old – who regret a past abortion.

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