More Late Term Abortions than Homicides


More Late Term Abortions than Homicides

Bradley Mattes   |   May 15, 2019

Those who promote late-term abortion are quick to say, well, they’re very rare – as if being rare makes killing babies okay.  The New York Police Department and FBI have released numbers showing there are over four times more late-term abortions committed in New York City than the number of homicides.  Tragically, this horrific number represents only two percent of all abortions done in the Big Apple.  For years there have been more abortions of black babies than live births.  New York City has long been the abortion capitol of America, yet recent legislation will make it much worse.  In addition to every baby killed, are parents and possibly grandparents and siblings who may be terribly impacted.  Please pray for a revival for LIFE in this city.

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