Challenge Accepted


Challenge Accepted

Bradley Mattes   |   May 28, 2019

On her Twitter account, Sarah Tuttle-Singer challenged pro-lifers by tweeting, “What have you personally done to support lower income single mothers?”  It’s part of the propaganda that we don’t care about babies and their mothers after the child is born.  Sarah had no clue what she was getting herself into!  Over thirteen-thousand people responded, most describing what they’ve done.  And they were heartwarming to read!  One made baby blankets for single mothers who delivered in hospitals.  Another helped pay their bills.  Yet another paid to have a mom’s car repaired, while another donated a car.  One took a single mom into her home, helped her establish a home, furnish it, stock the kitchen and find work.  And these weren’t even the tip of the iceberg.


Click here to view all the responses on twitter.

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