Study on Chemical Abortion Pill Reversal Guarantees no Survivors


Study on Chemical Abortion Pill Reversal Guarantees no Survivors

Bradley Mattes   |   April 16, 2019

Women who take the chemical abortion pill but change their minds can reverse it by taking progesterone.  A study showed this protocol saved up to sixty-eight percent of the babies.  Pro-aborts hate this because it cuts into their lucrative abortion business.  So, abortionist Mitchell Creinin is conducting an unscientific study to try and prove the treatment doesn’t work.  He’s recruiting forty women to take the first abortion pill, then half will take progesterone and the other half a placebo.  As for the babies who continue to live, he’s promised to guarantee no survivors by using surgical abortion.  It’s an unethical attempt to malign this pro-life option for women who change their minds.  We’ve produced a new video on chemical abortion.  Visit life issues dot org to watch it.

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