Planned Parenthood Pulling the Strings

The nation was shocked when Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, was caught on video advocating for abortion until birth, and infanticide for babies who survive the abortion procedure. What was especially disturbing is Doctor Northam is a pediatric neurologist and should have more empathy for the most vulnerable patient, the baby. It’s easier to understand his inhumane callousness when you realize Planned Parenthood has contributed two-million dollars to Northam’s campaign over a five-year span. Planned Parenthood is the king-pin of the abortion industry and demands their candidates tow the line by supporting unrestricted abortion until birth, and their extreme agenda is support with your tax dollars. It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood.

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One thought on “Planned Parenthood Pulling the Strings

  1. I am disgusted and appalled that educated doctors are licensed murderers. It is apparent that interests lie in money, control & dehumanizing humanity. DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD NOW!

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