Help Stop Birthday Abortions


Help Stop Birthday Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   February 21, 2019

I’m sure you’re appalled by New York’s legalization of abortion until birth. It also legalized “birthday abortion” which means if the baby survives the abortion, the parents and doctor can decide whether or not they’ll let the baby live. The medical term for this is infanticide and we must stop it. Here’s you chance. On Monday, the Senate will be voting on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Tell your Senators to support it. It only takes minutes when you use our website portal. It even identifies your Senators. Go to life issues dot org and click on the red “Take Action Now” box. Please share this tool with others so they can contact their Senators. Post it on social media and share with your email lists. Help us save the babies.


Click here to contact your Senators now.


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7 thoughts on “Help Stop Birthday Abortions

    1. I added a link under the play bar for you to click on. It should take you right to where you need to go.

  1. It’s time to stop this madness!! Where will it end? If infants are killed will old people be next? Or people with disabilities?

  2. Can you please link the specific state code that shows this law? I have read up on NYs newest abortion law and I can’t find that what you are saying is in anyway accurate. Maybe I’m not looking at the right thing?

  3. Perhaps someone can tell me just how many birthday abortions have been performed, per year, in the US.
    It seems to me that such a very late abortion requires a willing surgeon, and I doubt many surgeons – even abortion surgeons – are willing to do a 9th month abortion absent a compelling medical reason.

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