Planned Parenthood Annual Report Part 2

Yesterday I shared key findings from Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report.  Here is more.  As the number of abortions is going up, their so-called medical services have declined.  Planned Parenthood no longer even lists “breast exams” under their services; it’s replaced by “breast care.”  The news gets even worse when the report reveals you the taxpayer, are funding a third of this abortion giant’s budget.  And it’s costing us one-and-a-half million dollars per day!  During that same time, they take the lives of enough unborn babies to fill the seats of over three wide body jets.  You can download and share a one-page document of the highlights of Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report.  Click here for the one-page report.

For the Full Planned Parenthood 2017-2018 Annual Report click here.

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