Potential Perils of IVF


Potential Perils of IVF

Bradley Mattes   |   November 14, 2018

A world-renowned expert on male fertility is warning about the negative side-effects of over-using in vitro fertilization.  Professor John Aitken says it could lead to even more infertility and cancer in children conceived through IVF.  He says the problems that lead to couples using the procedure are often replicated in the children it conceives.  Research shows aging fathers using IVF increases the chance of cancer in male children.  Studies also link it to genetic disorders, and the Centers for Disease Control found an increased risk of birth defects.  In vitro fertilization can come with perils, and prospective parents need to be fully informed about them before embarking on this journey.  Total fulfillment can come from adoption and foster parenting, so let the Lord guide you in these matters.

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