Evil, Sexist and Racist


Evil, Sexist and Racist

Bradley Mattes   |   November 21, 2018

An actress, Alyssa Milano, has lashed out against pro-lifers.  Hollywood attacking us isn’t anything new, but her accusations caught my attention.  She said our efforts to end abortion by overturning Roe were “evil, sexist and racist.”  We’re sexist because we oppose sex-selection abortion that mostly targets girl babies.  We’re racist because we work to stop Planned Parenthood from targeting women of color for abortion.  And we’re evil because we want to end the brutality and violence against women and their babies by the abortion industry.  Alyssa may know about acting, but she doesn’t understand on which side evil resides in the abortion battle.  Nor does she fathom the anguish and remorse that plagues women long after an abortion.  Alyssa, we’re the good guys.

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