ACLU Speaks Up for Conservatives


ACLU Speaks Up for Conservatives

Bradley Mattes   |   September 18, 2018

Pro-lifers and conservatives are loudly complaining about social media censoring their voices – and with good reason.  Proof abounds, and it’s gotten so bad even the ACLU is speaking out.  Vera Eidelman with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project published an article titled, “Facebook Shouldn’t Censor Offensive Speech.”  Simply speaking out against abortion has been deemed offensive.  Eidelman writes because of Facebook’s “unparalleled status as a forum for political speech and debate, it should not take down anything but unlawful speech, like incitement to violence.”  I don’t often agree with the ACLU, but I do this time.  Facebook should focus on the radical Left posts advocating violence and death against the president and others.

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