Irresponsible Breeding

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Irresponsible Breeding

Bradley Mattes   |   August 02, 2018

It’s not hard to find extreme agendas when it comes to attacking the sanctity of innocent human life.  What’s more shocking is who’s supporting them.  Scott Wallace is running for Congress in Pennsylvania and he’s sent millions of dollars to population control groups with frightening agendas.  For example, they believe parents should be taxed “to the hilt” if they have more than two children.  Birthing any more than two is called “irresponsible breeding.”  When it comes to killing babies by abortion, one group says it’s “a highly effective weapon” – yes weapon – to counter over population.  Abortion advocates can’t sell their product, so they’re advancing to a more aggressive strategy and it appears a congressional want-to-be supports them, but will the voters agree?

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One thought on “Irresponsible Breeding

  1. How sad that someone in my home state is pushing this horrible agenda. If anyone is irresponsible, it’s he. I pray that the Pennsylvania voters will see him for what he is and vote for the pro-life candidate, if there is on running against him.

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