Gosnell the Movie

It’s likely you heard about Philadelphia’s notorious abortionist, Kermit Gosnell.  He was convicted for murdering a woman and several babies.  The FBI raided his mill and dubbed it the “House of Horrors.”  A dramatic and compelling movie has been made on him.  I’ve read the Grand Jury Report, closely followed Gosnell’s trial and have seen the movie.  And without reservation I can tell you, they got the story right without exposing the audience to all the gore.  The movie, Gosnell, will be out in October, but a new trailer is available.  You’ll want to see it.  Visit lifeissues.org and click on the microphone icon. The Gosnell movie is an excellent opportunity to show more Americans the truth about abortion, which can save countless lives.

Please click here to watch the trailer (after a brief ad).

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