Only Two Weeks Left

President Trump has proposed the Protect Life Rule which would prevent Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities from receiving Family Planning Title X tax dollars if they provide abortion or promote it as family planning.  This is Planned Parenthood’s second-largest source of tax money.  The President is making clear that abortion is not a part of health care.  Since abortion is far and away the major thrust of Planned Parenthood, the rule further delegitimizes the abortion giant’s image as a health care provider.  There are only two weeks left for Americans to weigh in with their opinion on the Protect Life Rule.  Please visit our website at and click on the president’s picture at the top.  We’ve made it easy for you to offer your crucial support.

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2 thoughts on “Only Two Weeks Left

  1. It is wrong to take the life of the unborn. Seriously doubt PP would do abortions if they didn’t make money. They hide profits so they can falsely advertise they’re not profit. Same as other so called “non profit” organizations. Statistical FACT, PP kills more babies than KKK lynched.

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