The Population Bomb and Global Warming

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The Population Bomb and Global Warming

Bradley Mattes   |   May 31, 2018

Fifty years ago, this month Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford biologist, published the infamous book called The Population Bomb.  It sold three million copies.  In it, the author said the deaths of hundreds of millions by starvation was imminent due to the planet’s population; England would disappear by the year 2000; and the lifespan of Americans would be reduced to 42.  Of course, none of this happened.  Now Ehrlich says global warming’s a grave threat to the world and supports abortion to reduce the population and avoid a worldwide disaster.  Even though our long winter has no doubt produced many new skeptics, several environmental groups agree with him.  Find out which of these groups include abortion in their agenda.  Visit life and click on the microphone icon.

Click here to read our research on the connection between certain environmental groups and abortion.

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