Prayers for Ireland/Congratulations Kentucky

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Prayers for Ireland/Congratulations Kentucky

Bradley Mattes   |   April 13, 2018

Prayers for Ireland

Earlier I told you about efforts in Ireland to legalize abortion.  So far, unborn babies have been protected, but pro-abortion activists want to repeal their Eighth Amendment and open the doors to killing their children through abortion.  Polling in Ireland shows a majority of people support reversal, but that was before a Save The Eight effort by pro-lifers got up and running.  They launched a national billboard campaign and have activated over a thousand volunteers.  In just two-weeks’ time, pro-lifers have seen a sixteen-percentage poll swing toward life.  You and I can play an important role in protecting Ireland’s future generations.  Please commit to regularly praying for the Save The Eight pro-life campaign to protect Ireland’s most precious natural resource — its children.

Congratulations Kentucky

I want to congratulate everyone in Kentucky involved with passing major pro-life legislation.  HB 454 ends the brutal and heinous practice of dismemberment abortion – the details of which are too gruesome to describe on family radio.  My heartfelt thanks and admiration go out to members of the state House and Senate who overwhelmingly passed this life-saving bill.  And my deepest appreciation to Governor Matt Bevin who has to be one of the most pro-life governors in the country!  Everyone worked hard, and the Lord blessed your efforts.  Thank you all for being an amazing example to other states, showing them what’s possible when you take a bold stand for life.  Join me in praying that God will bring a speedy end to all abortion everywhere.  God bless you.

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