Saving Babies Earlier and Earlier


Saving Babies Earlier and Earlier

Bradley Mattes   |   January 01, 2018

Dr. John Wyatt, Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Pediatrics recently revealed to an audience in the United Kingdom that they’re able to save very premature babies earlier and earlier.  Pro-abortion activist often say abortion should be legal until viability, the ability to sustain a baby’s life outside the womb.  Well, their argument is slowly but surely evaporating.  Dr. Wyatt says they’re saving half of all babies born at just twenty-three weeks gestation.  And, he adds, “They are not just surviving, but thriving.”  The youngest patient he cared for was born just twenty-one weeks and six days into the pregnancy.  I wish all physicians had Dr. Wyatt’s attitude.  “We can’t save every baby, but we can show every baby care.”

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