Thermal Camera Family Picture

Evidence of the beauty of life in the womb is all around us — sometimes in surprising places.  Fiona Petrie and her family were at Landmark Forest Adventure Park for a day of fun.  One popular section includes illusions, puzzles and other special effects.  Among them was a thermal camera which picks up images based upon the heat they generate.  The family was amazed to see the camera pick up the unmistakable image of Fiona’s unborn baby in her womb.  The Park shared the image on Facebook and many tagged their pregnant friends, telling them to go get their picture taken.  This totally –inclusive family picture is truly amazing.  Visit and click on the microphone icon to check it out.  Then, please share the beauty of unborn life with others.

Check out this amazing thermal camera image of Fiona Petrie and her unborn child! The unmistakable pro-life message is all around us if we take the time to notice. This reality means that legal abortion is living on borrowed time because it directly conflicts with modern science and medicine. As the truth of abortion reaches additional people we’re able to change more hearts and minds. Please share this image with others.


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