Abortion is not a bedroom issue

ve8QAd   |   October 18, 2017

This week Planned Parenthood celebrated its 101st anniversary. It will come as a shock to many and an outrage to most Americans that this celebration encompasses ending the lives of over seven-million babies by abortion.

A voice from the past came out of retirement to join in the celebration.

Faye Wattleton

In an interview with WMagazine, Faye Wattleton, a former president of Planned Parenthood had several things to say about abortion in America today. “…this is about liberation for women… it’s really about a world in which we can make our personal choices…”

It’s about sexuality. “Sexual development takes place in the development of the fetus.” Wattleton added, “…our health and the wellbeing of our lives is better advanced by being informed, by being educated, by understanding the progression that has been made in understanding how the body functions.”

Wattleton accused pro-lifers of being “consumed with other people’s sexuality, I kind of find it kind of perverse…the only question is whether we will be able to express our sexuality.”

Let’s unpack those statements.

It’s all about the liberation of women. Unless of course you happen to be a woman still in the womb, which has included every woman since Eve. It’s tragic that Wattleton believes location — in the womb — determines a female’s worth. That is both sexist and discriminatory.

It’s all about personal choices. Again, unless you’re in the womb, in which case you have no choices, particularly if you’re female. Planned Parenthood is on record supporting sex-selection abortion. They celebrate the choice to have an abortion at any time during pregnancy simply because the parents are unhappy with the sex of the unborn child. A majority of the time it’s because the baby is female.

It’s about being informed, being educated and understanding how the body functions. Wattleton is right. So then why does Planned Parenthood follow flat-earth science? Why does it uniformly keep women in the dark about informed consent and refuse to warn them about the possible physical and emotional ramifications? Why do they oppose equipping women with information regarding the physical development of their unborn babies before an abortion is done?

On a positive note, it’s refreshing to hear a former president of Planned Parenthood actually acknowledge science — at least in part — by admitting the child sexually develops in the womb. This counters their age-old argument that it’s just a mass of cells.

Here’s where Wattleton shows her age by hanging on to an old wives’ tale. It’s about the bedroom. She basically accuses pro-lifers of being perverts, obsessed with other women’s sexuality.

Here’s a newsflash Ms. Wattleton. We don’t care about your sexuality. We just want to end the killing of innocent babies by abortion and prevent the emotional and physical damage often inflicted upon their mothers.

Abortion isn’t a bedroom issue. It’s an issue of violence and brutality against our nation’s most vulnerable citizens conducted in abortion chambers throughout the nation.

Not long ago, Cecile Richards, the current president of Planned Parenthood unintentionally jettisoned the traditional smoke and mirrors of pro-abortion semantics.

When asked when life begins, she tried to evade the question by saying it wasn’t “relevant to the conversation” of abortion. But when pressed on the issue, she ultimately responded by recalling the births of her three children, “For me, life began when I delivered them.”

And there you have it. Abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason without apology. Is this a legacy to be celebrated?

Advocating for justice for unborn babies and their mothers,

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3 thoughts on “Abortion is not a bedroom issue

  1. Using the sexuality argument when discussing abortion “rights” is almost tantamount to arguing that anti-Nazis disagree with the use of trains when discussing gas chambers. Either has been used as a weapon in these inhumane and barbaric practices, and that is where my interest in their sexuality and transportation begins and ends.

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