Pro-Life Financial Investments

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Pro-Life Financial Investments

Bradley Mattes   |   September 07, 2017

Many Christians select movies, music, or retailers based upon whether or not they conflict with biblical principles.  Also, I wouldn’t donate to charities like the Komen Foundation or the Sierra Club because of their support for Planned Parenthood.  So shouldn’t we be as careful about our financial investments?  Some companies support abortion, pornography or same-sex marriage.  When we invest in them, we help fund their agendas.  For the last couple of decades, my broker has invested my modest nest egg only in companies compatible with God’s will.  For me it’s the Timothy Plan.  There are others.  If you haven’t asked this question about your investments, maybe it’s time you did.  You may be saving for retirement without realizing it’s helping further abortion in America.

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