Fake News Fake Science

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Fake News Fake Science

Bradley Mattes   |   August 29, 2017

CNN News has a reputation for being fake news, and now they have a reputation for promoting fake science.  During an interview, a guest told CNN host, Chris Cuomo, “You’re wrong on the science [of abortion].”  Cuomo responded, “It’s not about science, it’s about ethics, religion, morality…”  As to when human life begins, Cuomo claimed, “Nobody knows.”  That is absolute flat-earth science.  Of course we know when life begins.  Scientists and doctors have known for decades.  It’s when the male sperm and female ovum unite.  It’s called fertilization and it isn’t debated.  I don’t know where Chris Cuomo went to school, but his parents should ask for their money back.  Denying science is a failed and desperate attempt to win the debate on abortion.  Science is on the side of pro-life.

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