Unborn Feel Pain in First Trimester

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Unborn Feel Pain in First Trimester

Bradley Mattes   |   May 05, 2017

Pro-lifers have passed state legislation ending abortion after five months because the baby experiences agonizing pain.  Of course the abortion industry and their fellow activists oppose the bills, claiming babies this age can’t feel pain.  New research indicates the preborn can feel pain before the end of three months.  Building a three-dimensional cellular map, scientists found the babies had “adult-like patterns” of nerve development in the skin before the end of the first trimester.  Other research has long shown babies respond to touch at only eight weeks.  This isn’t the wishful ramblings of a pro-lifer.  This is state of the art medical science.  But abortion activists have long been flat-earth deniers of medical facts in order to push abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.

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