Body Part Sellers Are in Big Trouble

ve8QAd   |   April 26, 2017

Federal officials this week announced the indictment of 15 people for illegally trafficking body parts.

Officials said the people they charged with this heinous crime treated the body parts like merchandise.

But this isn’t what it seems.

These body parts commanded a handsome price. The entire body fetched as much as $1,200, heads went for $250 and set of wings $900.

Yes, a set of wings . . .

US Attorney Randy Seiler. Associated Press

Those facing federal indictment for illegally trafficking body parts, weren’t selling pieces of aborted babies.

They were selling body parts of eagles. For profit.

AND they are experiencing the full wrath of the American legal system.

US Attorney Randy Seiler said in addition to the indictments there will be significant federal charges to come. And you can expect them to throw the book at them — as well as the kitchen sink. And they should.

But the irony of this situation compared with the sale of aborted baby body parts is astounding.

According to Gareth Davies with, the sellers would kill the birds, hack them to pieces and market them. Davies labeled the lucrative but illegal business venture a “cruel crime ring.”

The charges follow a two-year undercover investigation where, in part, informants posed as buyers to purchase ceremonial fans and eagle feathers from the alleged criminals.

Sellers used code words to disguise their sordid trade by using names of animals and car parts when describing portions of birds.

A ceremonial fan made with eagle feathers.

Seiler called the enterprise a “chop-shop for eagles.” Appalling? Absolutely!

The media response to the slaughter and sale of eagles will no doubt sharply contrast with the near-silent coverage of Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby body parts.

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) conducted a 2½ year undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, exposing a ghastly enterprise of dissecting aborted unborn babies and selling their parts to middlemen. For profit.

Pro-lifers posed as tissue buyers interested in purchasing human body parts to then sell to laboratories and universities for experimentation. The video evidence they uncovered was devastating for Planned Parenthood.

Like those exploiting eagles for financial profit, the individuals dealing in baby body parts made attempts to disguise the true nature of their “product.” During one CMP video, instead of stating they were offering human babies for sale, the parties referred to them as “cases.” Cate Dyer with StemExpress explained that she must take precautions with entities that order baby body parts, relaying the response of some labs. “We need limbs but no hands and feet need to be attached. Make it so that we don’t know what it is. The lab techs freak out and have a meltdown…”

Cate Dyer

You would expect that the evidence revealed by pro-life undercover investigators would be used against the perpetrators who are selling aborted baby body parts.

Officials prosecuting the eagle poachers show us how it should be done. They’re using the evidence collected by those who purchased eagle feathers and fans. However, in the case of the sale of aborted baby body parts, officials have actually turned against the investigative journalists who produced the incriminating video and sided with the profiteers.

The state of California charged CMP staff David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt with 15 federal crimes, including recording conversations and using false identities to infiltrate the abortion industry — both are common techniques used by investigative journalists.

Similar charges were filed against CMP in Texas but proven to be baseless and later dropped.

It comes down to this. Unborn babies lack the political clout enjoyed by America’s eagles, so getting justice for the brutalities leveled against them will be much harder to achieve.

CMP has presented overwhelming evidence that Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, body part middlemen, laboratories and universities are violating the law by the sale and purchase of human beings. You and I must be a voice for these voiceless victims. We must demand that officials at least do for innocent unborn babies what is being done for eagles.

For the babies,

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One thought on “Body Part Sellers Are in Big Trouble

  1. To life issues, I responded twice and I deleted my message twice because i am truly dumb founded that an unborn or born baby is not considered worthy of life to be protected by the law and birds and other wild life species are. What really gets me is that all those people that believe in abortion and the selling of baby body parts , all have been born and they have their body parts. Maybe if those of you that believe in the abortion issue and selling of baby body parts , should surrender your own body parts and allow thee abortionist to rip off your own arms, legs, eyes and more, so they could sell them, In other words, let an abortionist do to you what is being done to the unborn babies . Go ahead, see how it feels that will lead you to your deaths by the means you so believe in. After all, shouldn’t we live and and allow things to be done to us as we believe?? You believe in this, then allow it for yourselves. Come on people, this is an evil of evil wrong and you know it, you just worked hard on yourselves not to give a dam, all for Self serving reasons, which are reasons of your doom. I believe in the Right to Life, I will not deny life that I myself was given, “Freely We all recieved life and freely We all should allow life”, try living that since you yourselves were born. For the women that have had abortions out of a “ mind so clouded” due to pressure, fear and then regretted having an abortion, I don’t condone abortion, but in the same breath when fear and unclear thinking sets in and an abortion is sought and then regretted of which many women have paid and are paying for in the ways of depression, lostness, addictions, regret, suicidal thinking, with suicide attempts, women have died by killing themselves because of the abortion decision made and have found they couldn’t live with the guilt, or dying from the so called safe abortion. This response is NOT for the women survivors of the choice of abortion in the described way.. I only hope and pray you will ask the Lord for forgiveness and healing, as many women have, so that you to can go on in your lives and help other women not to choose an abortion because of your experience. To the women that I see with a sign that says, “I don’t regret my abortion”’ yes you do, or you will, you remind me of a child or an adult that did wrong and won’t admit it, only to resort to lies to cover up your wrong to convince others you are ok so that the truth in you isn’t seen of regret, you have to try to convince others with your holding of your no regret sign to try to prove and stress your decision of abortion was your “freeing choice’’ a lie ,to try and pass on just because you can’t admit you were wrong , working to convince yourselves to believe your own lie , so that you can further enforce your wrong choice of which this feeling of wrong is inside of you and you are trying to act it away. The problem is, sooner or later the acting away will no longer be able to be acted away inside of you. Trying to hide from ones self only works for awhile, and even in that while , you are fooling yourselves. To get back to the point of the article, Let’s get real, animals should never be more protected than an unborn and born babies, which is abortion and infanticide. “But, poor birds, away with the unborn and the failed abortion of the born babies, is the prochoice cry”.Go ahead and hate my response because I and many, many like me hates abortion and so should you, the devil, loves that he has blinded so many people into thinking abortion should be a right. For those that believe in abortion, Please wake up, Let’s live and let live, and allow babies to be born, allow the unborn little ones their right to life, what is so wrong with that??? God gives life and God takes us home, don’t miss the home God wants you to have, be the person God created you to be, not who the evil one wants you to be, it’s not to late to change to believe abortion and all that is attached to abortion, the selling of baby body parts and more is an evil type of wrong! Change your thinking, help stop the atrocity of abortion that you contributed to and you will be all the free’er for it. I only wanted to stress a point and used the strong ways to express myself to try and help to add to the messsge of many that what’s going on is so not right, birds have more compassion than the unborn and born babies do. I love birds but, birds have life saving laws that protect them, when the unborn babies and the babies that survived the abortion attempt have laws that says its legal to kill an unborn baby at any point through out the mothers pregnancy and if a baby survives the abortion attempt, it is legal to leave these babies on a table until their suffering leads them to their death while they are left alone on that table to die a painful death. Oh, how I understand this saying that is so clear, “Money is Root to All Evil”. Planned Parenthood swims in the blood of the unborn babies while they count their millions upon millions of dollars. Those government officials that believe in abortion and work to legalize abortion, no amount of washing your hands will remove the blood stains of the unborn babies from your hands.

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