DNR Law Desperately Needed

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DNR Law Desperately Needed

Bradley Mattes   |   April 28, 2017

The infant of Scott and Sheryl Crosier died because the hospital put a “do not resuscitate” order in the baby’s file — without the knowledge or permission of the parents.  Simon had Trisomy Eighteen and was in very precarious health, but it was the hospital, not the parents, who made the decision that killed him.  There ought to be a law — right?  Well, now there is.  Simon’s Law was signed into law recently in Kansas to protect the rights of future parents and patients.  A DNR order now requires the knowledge and permission of the parents.  I wish Simon was an isolated case, but he isn’t.  Hospitals take away the rights of patients far too often, whether it’s a DNR order or withholding food and water.  This “quality of life” ethic has become a lethal danger to guard against.

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