Organ Donation After Euthanasia

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Organ Donation After Euthanasia

Bradley Mattes   |   March 08, 2017

Euthanasia became legal in Canada last June and just six months later so-called bioethicists had published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics calling for organ donation after euthanasia.  The authors understand the potential pitfalls of such a move, so they asked for further studies to prevent a public relations nightmare for the organ donation movement.  The likelihood for abuse is immense.  Imagine a person like my friend Joni Eareckson Tada, then a new quadriplegic from a diving accident, feeling hopeless and totally worthless except for the value of her organs.  What about patients with dementia?  Some will argue their tissue is going to waste.  The high demand for organs would drive exploitation.  If Canada opens this door, abuse will follow sure as night follows day.

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