Celebrate These Wonderful People

I want to tell you about a remarkable young woman named Karen Gaffney.  She was part of a relay swim across the English Channel, and she swam over nine miles across Lake Tahoe.  These are amazing feats if accomplished by anyone.  Karen happens to have Down syndrome.  When she was born, the doctor told her parents she’d be lucky to tie her shoes or write her name.  Karen loves to point out he neglected to mention anything about the English Channel.  Today is World Down Syndrome Day when we celebrate the lives of those with an extra twenty-first chromosome.  Visit our website where we have tons of resources on Down syndrome, touching videos and documentaries and Karen’s amazing Ted Talk on the subject.  Visit LifeIssues.org and click on the microphone icon.

Help us celebrate the lives of amazing people with Down syndrome. Visit our website where we have important information and TONS of resources, moving videos and TV episodes of Facing Life Head-On dedicated to some of our nation’s most accomplished individuals.



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