Age of Viability Dropping

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Age of Viability Dropping

Bradley Mattes   |   March 03, 2017

Technology is advancing when it comes to saving babies born prematurely.  Twenty-two weeks is generally the earliest point of viability for these babies.  During the first decade of this century, the rates of babies surviving in the twenty-three and twenty-four-week window doubled.  There was also a rise in the number of babies surviving with no neurological aftermath.  Plus, there was a small-but-significant decline in fatalities.  The Supreme Court in part used viability — the ability of science to keep premature babies alive — as a definition of their humanity.  Since then, we’ve seen the age of viability slowly but surely dropping.  Medicine and science have firmly established life begins at fertilization, not viability.  And these medical breakthroughs are more reason to reverse Roe v Wade.

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