Mary and Joseph had it Tough

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Mary and Joseph had it Tough

Bradley Mattes   |   December 20, 2016

Each Christmas I watch the Nativity Story, a movie about the earthly struggles of Mary and Joseph before, during and after her pregnancy with Jesus.  The film aptly depicts what this young betrothed couple likely went through regarding her pregnancy outside of wedlock.  The journey to Bethlehem was probably grueling late in Mary’s pregnancy.  You’d think God would’ve rolled out the red carpet for the parents of His one and only son and make things luxuriously easy for them.  But the Bible makes it clear they had a tough road to walk.  So when I as a Christian have difficulty in life and am tempted to ask, “Why does the Lord make things so difficult?”  I then think of Mary and Joseph and remember the Lord works everything to our good for those He loves.

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