Two Percent Brain and Thrives


Two Percent Brain and Thrives

Bradley Mattes   |   November 09, 2016

Shelly and Rob Wall found out their unborn baby boy had serious health issues.  Among them, little Noah had only two-percent of his brain.  The doctors recommended abortion — not once but five times — but his parents said it was never a consideration.  Not only did Noah survive birth; at his first birthday he was smiling, waving and saying “mama” and “dada.”  He’s now four years old.  Here’s the real astounding part.  After testing, doctors were shell-shocked to find out Noah’s brain is growing and is now almost fully functional.  They call Noah a medical miracle.  You’d think these doctors would learn.  Don’t intentionally kill the child, but give him a chance and allow God to be God.  Time and again I read of these types of miracles.  Abortion is never the answer.

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