It’s time to take action for the unborn

ve8QAd   |   November 17, 2016

Electing a pro-life president makes a world of difference for America’s unborn babies and it impacts the welfare of pre-born children and their mothers around the world.

It may atrumpstound you what can now be done to protect their lives.

It doesn’t take long to come up with a comprehensive list of what can be accomplished with pro-life president-elect Donald Trump and a pro-life majority in both the US Senate and House of Representatives. Here’s the likely priority list.

First of all, soon after being sworn in as president, Donald Trump can reverse some of the damage done by Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history. By executive order the new president can:

• Reinstate the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits federal funding for nonprofit organizations that either perform or promote abortion when working with other countries. The Mexico City Policy was originally signed by President Ronald Reagan, continued under Gorge H. W. Bush, rescinded under Bill Clinton, reinstated under George W Bush and again rescinded by Barack Obama.

• Reinstate President George W. Bush’s conscience protections that went into effect shortly before he left office. Mr. Obama reversed these protections designed for medical professionals who don’t want to take part in providing or referring abortion services.

• Repeal a mandate by the Department of Health and Human Services that requires insurance coverage of abortion-causing drugs. The Supreme Court has only provided limited protection.

• Reverse proposed regulations that would exempt Planned Parenthood from the possibility of losing Title X tax funding.

• The president can also nominate a US Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia. Of course the Senate must approve his choice, which means dealing with a potential filibuster.

The newly-minted president is expected to clean house at the United Nations by replacing the Ambassador to the UN and other key staff with people who will respect innocent human life and the right of other nations to protect unborn children by law. The American UN delegation serves at the will of the president and reflects his administration’s agenda.

Legislatively there are a handful of pro-life bills that can dramatically impact America’s unborn babies. The top priorities include:

• Obamacare must be outright reversed. If not, it can be amended into extinction while enacting or retaining badly needed common sense reforms to health care.

plannedparenthood• Ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood would be the second priority. This behemoth of the abortion industry is the nation’s largest chain of abortion facilities and the most aggressive lobbyist for unrestrained abortion on demand throughout pregnancy — both on the federal and state level. Neutralizing or greatly diminishing Planned Parenthood’s effectiveness would be a huge step toward our ultimate goal of protecting innocent life from the moment of fertilization.

• The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act is desperately needed because it would replace the cumbersome process of approving the Hyde Amendment every year and make the ban on tax funding of abortion permanent.

• The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is a popular pro-life bill that would end abortion at 20 weeks when it’s well beyond the point an unborn baby can feel a brutal and violent death by abortion.

As you can see, there is much life-saving work that can be done with a pro-life president and Congress, and the progress hasn’t ended there. States have made unprecedented advancements in electing the greatest number of pro-life governors, legislators and state attorneys general in history.

If we can shore up the US Supreme Court, it’s very likely we could see dramatic pro-life advancements on the state and federal level—which would never have been a possibility without a pro-life president.

Assuming you were part of that process, THANK YOU!

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