Pro-Lifers Put Efforts Where Their Mouths Are

Pro-abortion activists often accuse pro-lifers of not caring about women and their babies after the child is born.  That’s ridiculous and proven wrong by Bridge to Life in New York City.  They give car seats, diapers and baby clothes to poor women in need.  Their budget is tiny, so two city council members pledged five-thousand dollars each from their discretionary funding to the group.  Andrea Miller, president of the pro-abortion National Institute for Reproductive Health went ballistic.  Yet, she has a budget of eight-million and none of it goes to help women.  Plus, the local Planned Parenthood gets over seven-million in tax dollars.  I guess we really know who is pro-woman and pro-child, including after birth.  It isn’t the pro-abortion activists who want the babies aborted.  It’s the pro-lifers.

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