Doctors Push Abortion. Parents Push Back

ve8QAd   |   November 03, 2016

The reason I am alarmed about this is because it’s happening on a regular basis—with lethal results.

The parents are sitting in a small, sterile room when the worst news of their lives hits them like a sledgehammer. They don’t even have time to absorb this revelation when . . .

. . . what usually comes next is even worse.

This dreaded scenario is played out every day in physician offices throughout America. The couple is given the news that their unborn baby is facing intellectual or physical challenges. At the moment, this revelation is almost impossible to comprehend, and then the second shoe falls.any, many cases the doctor recommends abortion.

Doctor with arms crossed on blueParents have frequently reported that the attending physician recommends abortion not only once, but multiple times. Some mothers and fathers have angrily recalled how the medical staff wouldn’t take no for an answer and press the issue, often belittling or even mocking the parents for wanting to protect their unborn child. A few doctors don’t even attempt to hide their contempt for parents who’d willingly bring “defective” children into the world.

This highly-trained professional whom they have looked up to and relied on for medical decisions is telling them it’s okay to abort their baby because of the challenges that lay ahead.

For a significant number of laypeople, the physician is the ultimate authority in all things medical and they would hesitate rejecting such a recommendation — even more so if the opinion were aggressively pushed.

This or a similar scenario is the likely culprit behind the abortion of 67% of babies diagnosed in the womb with Down syndrome.

Before going further, it’s important to point out that not all doctors recommend, push or coerce their patients into abortion at the first sign of a problem with the pregnancy. There are many noble and honorable doctors who respect innocent human life and will do all within their ability to protect both mother and baby—even when the baby’s condition appears to be incompatible with life. I use the word “appears” for a reason.

Noah Wall with is mother. photo
Noah Wall with his mother. photo

Parents’ dilemmas

Shelly and Rob Wall found out their unborn baby had numerous serious health issues; including that little Noah had only two-percent of his brain. Their doctor recommended abortion—not once but five times. All five times the parents said abortion was never a consideration, and it’s a good thing they did.

At one year old, Noah was smiling, waving and saying “mama” and “dada.” Now, at four, doctors were shell-shocked after testing revealed that Noah’s brain is growing and almost fully functional.

Who was right, the doctor or the parents?

Charmaine Oats found out half way through her pregnancy that her son Romeo had hypoplastic left heart syndrome which meant he would be born with only half a heart.

The doctor recommended abortion.

Charmaine said no. When Romeo was only two days old he had the first of what would be six heart surgeries and is doing better than expected. Currently, medication enables him to lead a fairly normal life. There may be a heart transplant in his future and the road has been tough, but Charmaine says she’s never regretted her decision to give Romeo life.

Who was right, the doctor or the parent?

Scott and Sara Sautel were ecstatic upon learning they were pregnant with twins. But the couple was given news no parent ever wants to hear. Their daughter, Grace, suffered from a fatal heart defect and ultimately lived for only a brief time. Even so, the parents cherished every hour with Grace and now live with happy memories instead of constant reminders that they intentionally ended her life through abortion.

Who was right, the doctor or the parents?

Abortion should never be the answer

I could fill hundreds of pages with similar examples—with as varied results as the personalities of the children involved.

Even when the doctor’s poor prognosis is correct, abortion should never be the answer to the hardships they face.

From the moment children come into our lives (at fertilization) we parents aren’t promised a bed of roses. Even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, there’s a higher purpose for each and every baby.

Thospremature-in-icue who’ve raised a child with Down syndrome or other disability are quick to point out that they wouldn’t trade their lives or their children for anything because the child has been a blessing to them and to those fortunate enough to meet them.

Whether or not a medical miracle is in the future, trust that God knows what He’s doing. Reject the doctor’s urging of intentionally aborting your baby and let God be God—regardless of the outcome because, as every parent who’s been there can testify, there are blessings along the way which outweigh the heartaches.

So when a doctor tells you or someone you know that abortion is the best option, respond with something like this: “We flatly reject killing our baby by abortion and trust that God has a plan for our child.” If the medical professionals disguise abortion in reassuring semantics like “end your baby’s suffering” “it’s for the best” or recites a lengthy list of what the doctor believes your child will never do in life, stand firm because they don’t know the future and they don’t love your child like you do.

If the physician doesn’t take no for an answer, the situation may call for a tougher response: “You don’t seem to understand that MD doesn’t stand for Medical Deity. We will not kill our child by abortion, so don’t bring it up again.” Be fierce if need be. You’re literally protecting the life of your baby.

If possible, find a doctor who truly values the life of your baby and will do all within his or her power to mitigate the challenges ahead.

Remember, if a doctor or medical professional advocates “terminating your at-risk pregnancy” or uses similar noble-sounding rhetoric; recognize what they’re really saying.  He or she wants you to let them intentionally kill your unborn child by abortion.

Don’t miss out on the sweet joys this baby will bring into your life, even if it’s all too brief.

Sincerely for the babies,

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