A Steep Slippery Slope

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A Steep Slippery Slope

Bradley Mattes   |   October 26, 2016

Colorado is the latest state to vote on physician-assisted suicide, but Americans need only look at Europe to find out this is opening a Pandora’s Box of evil.  The Netherlands legalized euthanasia somewhat over a decade ago.  It was done so with so-called “strict and careful criteria.”  But in a few short years they legalized euthanasia for infants.  Now the Dutch Health Minister and Justice Minister have proposed legalizing the killing of quote, “elderly adults” who are simply “done with life,” but don’t suffer from a terminal or even a serious medical condition.  Does this sound like “strict and careful criteria?”  Of course not.  Once you open the door to allowing man to decide when life ends, it’s a steep slippery slope to the abyss.  Don’t believe the rhetoric.  It’s killing human life.

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