Proof Pro-Life Laws Don’t Punish Women

ve8QAd   |   October 12, 2016

How many times have you heard pro-abortion activists and politicians say that pro-life legislation punishes women who are pregnant? They’ve been making this shrill argument ad nauseam, but it’s entirely false — and we have proof.

I’ve examined various accusations from pro-abortion activists and media outlets to verify what they’re saying, and then I researched them to find out whether or not they’re true. Each one has been examined in the context of factual information, not political hyperbole.

With this information you can shut down the wild and false accusations that pro-lifers punish women with pro-life legislation.

Writing for the Huffington Post, Elise Foley, Igor Bobic and Samantha Lachman alleged in a March 30, 2016, article that pro-life laws passed in various states “are meant to dissuade patients from seeking abortions and punish them if they do.”

This is an outrageous claim and when you get past the inflammatory rhetoric the true facts are revealed which totally deflates their accusation. This and other indictments against the pro-life movement are examined.

Read the article so you’ll be equipped to counter outright lies by the pro-abortion movement. Please link to it and share this information by email, on your websites and on social media. You have our permission to reprint the article with acknowledgement of its source.

The article begins on page 4 of our online issue of Life Issues Connector. You can also view the entire publication.

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By the way, pro-abortion activists also say we don’t care about women after the baby is born. My regular column in Life Issues Connector features a clear example of why that is patently false.

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