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Slammed if You Do — Slammed if You Don’t

ve8QAd   |   October 12, 2016

brad_1By Bradley Mattes
President of Life Issues Institute

We’ve all heard it. Pro-abortion activists claiming pro-lifers don’t care at all about women. They say we only want to stop abortion. You and I know that’s absurd, especially considering the thousands of pro-life women help centers throughout the nation offering free services and post-abortion help. Still it doesn’t stop the baseless accusations.

Rafaella Gunz, writing a post on, had this less-than-flattering analysis of pro-life efforts: The pro-life movement, which consists mostly of right-wingers, cares nothing about children once they are born. . . So tough sh** if you’re a young, single parent raising a child.

A June 19, 2016 headline on boldly proclaimed: “Pro-Life” is Pro-LIE; They Don’t Care That Women Suffer and DIE

Extreme voices like these are a constant background din while pro-lifers faithfully give of themselves and their resources to assist women and their babies, many of them providing assistance to women well after they give birth.

Does this mean pro-abortion condemnation transforms into accolades and thanks when pro-lifers go beyond helping women through an unexpected pregnancy?

Nope. They attack the pro-lifers for actually providing the critically needed assistance pro-abortion activists have for so long obsessed over. The age-old proverb “no good deed goes unpunished” certainly applies here. And the pro-aborts’ shrill rebuke is voiced publicly, with much righteous indignation. Allow me to give you a recent case in point.

My good friend Carol Everett is known by many in the pro-life movement. She ran and owned abortion facilities with the goal to become a millionaire—that is until God intervened and now she serves Him by protecting life.

Carol is the founder and CEO of The Heidi Group, named after her daughter lost to abortion. Anyone who knows Carol is familiar with her incredible passion to protect babies and their moms from abortion. But her passion runs much deeper.

She sought and received a Texas state grant of $1.6 million to provide quality healthcare to low-income women through the Healthy Texas Women project. A network of 27 medical providers, including two pregnancy help medical clinics, expected to aid over 50,000 women with a goal of reaching 100,000 during the next year. The Heidi Group serves 70 Texas counties, over half of them rural areas. She’s operating in regions of Texas never before assisted.

During the great debate over Texas pro-life legislation HB2 that was recently largely overturned in the US Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood and cohorts said the commonsense protections would put them out of business and leave women in vast areas of the state without healthcare—even though most of their focus is following the money in big cities.

Now that The Heidi Group is serving rural women, Planned Parenthood, NARAL and pro-abortion legislators are kicking their propaganda machines into high gear, trying to stop the grant. Why? Because Planned Parenthood thinks the money should be going to them to promote and provide abortion on demand in Texas.

NARAL has been the loudest voice questioning the credibility of The Heidi Group. Pay no mind that NARAL and their fellow pro-abortion activists are making no effort to help these underserved women, they just don’t want the pro-lifers doing it.

So why aren’t they cheering on The Heidi Group for doing what they claim to be their mission of helping women? NARAL and the others know that behind the slick storefronts and glossy media appearances the abortion industry doesn’t actually care about women’s health. In reality it’s all about furthering their political agenda while lining their pockets with the blood money of abortion, and their job is made harder if pro-lifers are seen in a positive light.

These extreme pro-abortion organizations are terrified of the competition, pure and simple. And knowing Carol’s enthusiasm, passion and work ethic, she’s going to leave them in the Texas dust.

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