Legal Abortion Generates Unsafe Abortion

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Legal Abortion Generates Unsafe Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   September 26, 2016

Pro-abortion activists say abortion must remain legal so it will be safe.  For the woman I presume, because the baby dies a horrible death.  But legal abortion doesn’t mean safe abortion.  Rick Van Thiel was arrested for doing abortions in a grimy trailer behind his house in Las Vegas.  He learned to do them from watching YouTube videos.  Legal abortionist Michael Roth was known as the “trunk abortionist” and arrested when police found abortion equipment and remains in the trunk of his car.  Legal abortionist James Pendergraft was arrested when police found abortion instruments covered with evidence of his grisly practice in his car.  He traveled up and down the interstate doing abortions.  Making abortion legal hasn’t made abortion safe.  Babies are killed and women are hurt.

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