Planned Parenthood Desperate for Zika Credibility

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Planned Parenthood Desperate for Zika Credibility

Bradley Mattes   |   August 23, 2016

Pro-abortion Democrats in Congress and Hillary Clinton are lashing out against pro-life Republicans.  They’re accusing them of not funding help to fight the Zika virus associated with birth defects.  The Democrats are now blocking their own bill because some relatively minor funding included for Planned Parenthood is being cut out.  So why are pro-abortion politicians falling on their swords over this?  I believe it’s because Planned Parenthood is desperate to attach itself to something perceived as a good, like battling the Zika virus.  They’ve taken it on the chin lately with the videos showing them selling baby body parts and could lose all their funding.  It’s a desperate attempt to give them credibility to keep the tax dollars flowing.  Let your congressperson know your opinion.

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