When “Choice” No Longer Works

ve8QAd   |   August 11, 2016

choiceThose who’ve been around the pro-life movement for any length of time are familiar with the tired old mantra of pro-abortion activists: Pro-choice! My Choice! Who decides?

When it comes to abortion, it’s all about the individual right to “choose.”

What the abortion crowd didn’t anticipate was that we would actually embark on a successful grassroots campaign to show the brutality of abortion and gradually persuade a majority of Americans to agree with us.

This gradual transformation of Americans’ opinion has required a change of strategy within the ranks of pro-abortion activists.

As a result of decades of pro-life education and advocacy, not only have the number of abortions steadily declined over the years, there are fewer trained medical professionals willing to become hired killers aborting innocent preborn babies while harming their mothers emotionally and often physically.

So the “pro-choice” mantra had to be kicked to the curb along with the broken bodies of the babies because Americans can no longer be trusted to make the right choice. The only choice sanctioned by the abortion industry is abortion.

choiceNow a gradual but unmistakable shift is being pursued by the pro-death crowd—they’re abandoning “choice” in favor of forcing people to participate in providing abortion.

The evidence is everywhere. Most notably the Obama administration picked a fight with Catholic nuns, the Little Sisters of the Poor, in an attempt to force them to participate in providing abortifacient drugs to their staff.

Pro-life women help centers have come under attack throughout the US, most recently in Los Angeles and Oakland, California where legislation has passed forcing them to post advertising at their centers for free abortions paid for with state tax dollars.

Medical professionals are suing Illinois to stop a new law that would force all medical professionals to refer patients to abortionists and counsel patients on what the legislation claims are the “benefits” of abortion. There are no “benefits” to murdering innocent preborn children.

These extreme measures aren’t limited to the beginning of life. Pro-euthanasia advocates embedded in Vermont bureaucracies have decided their assisted suicide law forces pro-life physicians to refer patients to those who will help kill patients via assisted suicide.

Make no mistake; these pro-death advocates won’t stop with forcing medical personnel to merely refer patients to abortionists and euthanasia experts. The next step—as sure as night follows day—will be to force them to directly participate.

As the abortion debate enters its fifth decade battling for the hearts and minds of Americans, a spotlight is being shined on the brutality of abortion and its impact on women, men, family and society as a whole.  And they don’t like what they’re seeing.  Pro-abortion activists are losing ground and this strategic shift—while an act of desperation on their part—needs to be taken seriously by those who advocate life and freedom for our citizens.

Be aware of this erosion of our basic and fundamental right not to participate in any way with the killing of our most vulnerable citizens. You and I must work to safeguard innocent human life at every turn.

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