The Battle Outside Convention Headquarters

ve8QAd   |   July 20, 2016

There’s a battle brewing in Cleveland, Ohio but it’s not inside the arena hosting the Republican National Convention. Outside, opposing sides are struggling for the attention of the Republican delegates and media who are covering the event.

The abortion plank in the Republican Party Platform is more pro-life than any I can recall in past years. Of course, abortion generates tons of controversy in any political setting and the Party Conventions are a huge platform from which to present your cause.

On one side, pro-life advocates are cheering on the GOP abortion plank and encouraging its nominee, Donald Trump, to stand firm on LIFE. On the other pro-abortion activists are doing their level best to send a counter message to delegates—even if it plays fast and loose with the facts.

convention headquarters
A pro-life banner by Created Equal.

Pro-lifers have taken to the sky above the Convention arena. The group, Created Equal, is based nearby in Columbus and is known for showing abortion victim images on university campuses and elsewhere.

Their Cleveland message is in the form of a 50 by 100 foot banner pulled behind an airplane circling the area. The banner reads “Rescue Unborn Children” with the letters R, N and C emphasized in red. It’s accompanied by an image of a 15-week aborted baby, although difficult to decipher from the ground. Mark Harrington, director of Created Equal, says their pro-life message will take flight throughout both the Republican and Democrat Conventions. During the later gathering, the banner reads “Defend Unborn Children” with the letters D, N and C emphasized in blue.

The pro-abortion crowd has brought a message of their own to Cleveland. It’s in the form of six billboards placed strategically nearby the Convention venue, paid for by the National Institute for Reproductive Health. “Reproductive Health” are code words for abortion on demand throughout pregnancy without apology—entirely funded with your tax dollars.

Aside from the controversy in some circles over using graphic imagery, the pro-life message is straight forward. On the other hand, the pro-abortion communication is deceiving at best and lying at worst.

convention headquarters
A billboard, located in Cleveland, by the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

The pro-abortion billboards all feature women with a not-so-subtle message that the Republicans want to put women in jail. The fact that past, present and future pro-life legislation does not support penalizing women is nothing more than an inconvenient truth to them not worth mentioning.

One billboard shows a line of women in a mugshot posture which reads, “When the RNC platform makes abortion illegal, HOW MUCH TIME WILL WE SERVE?” But the reality is pro-life legislation advocates penalizing abortionists, not women who are also seen as victims.

Abortion flourishes best in an environment of ignorance and silence. And when they do speak out, it’s often done with half-truths or full lies. This often leaves women emotionally and physically maimed. Contrary to what the pro-abortion crowd says, the wellbeing of women is a very distant second to the revenue generated by abortion.

One glaring fact that can’t be disputed is the polar opposite positions on abortion by the Democrat and Republican Party Platforms. More on that soon.

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