Abortion in Hollywood

Until the sixties, abortion was a method of birth control in Hollywood.  In an ironic attempt to appear wholesome, heads of movie companies made it clear to female stars getting pregnant was bad for their careers.  As a result, abortion was forced or coerced upon some of the biggest stars.  Judy Garland was pressured into two abortions which probably explain her drug problem that eventually killed her.  Lana Turner was forced into multiple abortions—one performed on her hotel bed without anesthesia.  The five-hundred dollars paid to the illegal abortionist was taken out of her salary.  Patricia Neal and Mary Astor also spoke of their regret over abortions. Back then abortion didn’t represent “choice” any more than it does today.

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2 thoughts on “Abortion in Hollywood

  1. Notice how pro-abortion (and do not insult people by disguising it with the “softer-gentler” pro-choice) folks NEVER talk about the psychological repercussions of an abortion–the real guilt and remorse that women feel after taking a life. Some of these “stars” had multiple, constant abortions–Mary Astor was one of them. She played many roles in reel life; too bad, she felt she could play God in real life, as well. And folks, IT IS A LIFE.

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