Voting for a Woman’s Right to Know

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38 States Have Passed Legislation to Educate Women

woman's rightAn unborn child is not the only victim of abortion—the mother is also hurt by the procedure.

Studies confirm that a mother suffers emotionally and psychologically, and may experience life-threatening physical complications as well.

Since Roe v. Wade 38 states (75%) have passed legislation requiring that women receive appropriate information before abortion is performed to ensure they understand how the procedure will affect their baby and themselves. However, these states vary in regard to the specific information which must be communicated, how it is communicated, and whether or not a waiting period is required to ensure the mother has truly reflected on the consequences of the procedure.

Learn what your state requirements are by clicking here.

The Importance of Informed Consent

In 1992 the US Supreme Court ruled informed consent laws as constitutional. In 2007 the Court reaffirmed its approval recognizing that severe depression and lack of esteem may follow an abortion. (Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 1992 and Gonzales v. Carhart, 2007)

The challenge remains, however: How do we ensure abortionists provide accurate information on the effect of abortion on the child and the mother?

For many, it’s a matter of electing state government leaders who will pass legislation with specific guidelines and oversee government agencies ensure the accuracy of information provided. For example:

  • Waiting periods from the time information is provided and the time the abortion procedure is performed
  • Information on fetal development and the ability of the fetus to feel pain
  • Requirements for an ultrasound and that the mother be given an opportunity to see an image of her child and hear his or her heartbeat
  • Information on the emotional and psychological effects from abortion
  • Laws against abuse or coercion to terminate a pregnancy
  • Information on the effect of abortion on future fertility and breast cancer

Your vote in the 2016 campaign can help elect state leaders who will ensure a woman’s right to know.

It’s important to vote, and even more important to make an informed decision.

Pam Caylor is the executive director of First Choice Pregnancy Services and is an invaluable resource for pregnant women in Las Vegas. In this clip from our Emmy® award-winning television program Facing Life Head-On, hear her perspective on a woman’s right to know. To watch the full episode click here.

Joy was an expecting mother who thought her only option was abortion until she visited First Choice Pregnancy Services in Las Vegas. In this clip from our Emmy® award-winning television program Facing Life Head-On, hear her perspective on all of the options available to women. To watch the full episode click here.

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