LEGO Ultrasound

legoLEGO just announced a new toy for children demonstrating the beauty of unborn babies.  They’ve produced a birth announcement that includes an ultrasound photo of a toy unborn baby in the womb.  It shows a smiling baby with its size and estimated due date.  Don’t be tempted to dismiss this as a fun, silly LEGO gimmick.  These little events help to form an opinion in our culture about life in the womb.  We’re on our second generation whose first baby picture was taken inside the womb.  The takeaway message for children who play with this toy will be unborn babies are cute and precious.  If you recall, Doritos did a Super bowl ad using ultrasound which got radical feminists upset and backfired on them.  They also know the impact these images make, so I say thanks LEGO!

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