Gates of Hell Will Not Overcome

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Gates of Hell Will Not Overcome

Bradley Mattes   |   May 09, 2016

Last month pro-lifers organized a nation-wide, peaceful protest outside over two-hundred Planned Parenthood abortion mills.  What occurred at a Detroit location shows the level of spiritual warfare within the battle of legal abortion in America.  In recent years, groups of Satanists are coming to these pro-life events to counter a message of life and hope.  The one last month was bizarre, confusing and creepy—what you’d expect from Satan’s followers.  Former Satan worshipers have said abortion is a key element in human sacrifice to please the Father of Lies.  These underworld episodes are on the rise, so I encourage you to keep those of us in the pro-life movement in your daily prayers and remember God promises us in Matthew: “the gates of Hell will not overcome” His church.

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